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Here are our movie recommendations for any day of the week <3 · Phantom Thread can be found from iTunes & Viaplay · Call me by your Name from Netflix & iTunes & Viaplay · Marriage story from Netflix · The Intouchables from Netflix & Viaplay

Grillifilms & Covid-19

We at Grillifilms take Covid-19 seriously. We will deal with the situation with reason and care. We apply to the rules and regulations of WHO (World Health Organization) and THL (National Institute for Health and Welfare). When in production, we follow the instructions from Audiovisual Producers Finland APFI, made together with the Trade Union for […]

Voitto Gaala 2020

Huh miten hieno ilta meillä oli! Snellmanin Road Movie sai Pronssia yleisessä sarjassa, Olli Rönkä valittiin vuoden ohjaajaksi ja Hanna Tuovio sai kunniakirjan. KIITOS! Tästä riittää iloa pitkään.